Monday, January 21, 2013

What a crazy week!

This last week has been completely Insane. I never imagined just how much it would take to get everything done to move to Korea. But today is the day! In 8 hours I will arrive at the airport and go to Korea.

It has been impossible to keep any semblance of my normal schedule. From having my house put into PODS to all the travel and now staying with family, it just has not been conducive to my workout routine. Now, while I may not have been able to work out, I was able to watch what and how much I ate.

This proved harder than I though it would be too though. This being the last week in America for at least a year, if not several, I have wanted and have been bombarded with all of my favorite foods.

Food is a social centerpiece in my family.
I have no idea when I may eat any of this again. So, While I have myself a pass to eat just about anything for meals, I did not just jump off the wagon and go crazy. I still stuck to water and unsweetened tea. I watched my portions. I still tried to stay under my BMR for the day.

End result? By allowing myself to enjoy time with family that I won't see for up to 4 years, but still maintaining the basics of my diet, I only gained 1 pound this week.

That's a number I am ok with. Next week, I get back to my core diet and working out. However, I will have a partner now! My amazing and beautiful wife will be joining me on this journey and restarting her own.

By setting small goals I was able to deal with and handle a week of disruption and family saying goodbye without sacrificing my efforts or progress. I still feel great about myself and all that I have accomplished and I am looking forward to getting back on my routine and continuing forward with my goal to loose 100 pounds!

Keep setting small goals! Stay positive! Do SOMETHING! You CAN live a healthy life without it taking over the rest of your life and you can do it no matter what situation you are in!

As I get settled into Korea I will get back to more regular updates.

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